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Sponsoring the 2020 NAPIPM Annual Education Conference will put your organization squarely in front of those who are leading the transformation of human services.


Learn how you can become a conference partner for 2020 by contacting Natasha Laforteza at (703) 549-9500 or .


Sponsoring the conference allows you to position your company as a leader in the human services field, establish relationships with policymakers, deepen current customer relationships, educate state and local human services leaders about your solutions and learn about your customer’s challenges and priorities.

Influence - $5,500
Build - $2,750
Connect - $1,200
Table Top - $1,000
Three (3) Comp Registrations
Two (2) Comp Registrations
One (1) Comp Registration
One (1) Comp Registration
Additional Registrations $775/$825
Additional Registrations $775/$825
Additional Registrations $775/$825
Additional Registrations $775/$825

All-Conference Sponsorship

These sponsorships underwrite and provide for experiences which enhance the attendee experience. This underwriting provides support to five of our national conferences – National HHS Summit, NAPIPM, NSDTA, AASD/NASTA and AAHHSA.  This puts your brand in front of more than 2,000 attendees throughout the year. Click here to participate in this program.


Individual Conference Sponsorship

Simply interested in reaching a specific segment of our membership – then sponsoring a specific national conference is where you want to be in 2020.  Your underwriting provides the opportunity for us to fund keynote speakers, receptions, and other conference experiences for members.  Click here for details on sponsoring a single conference.


Download the Sponsorship Opportunities and learn more about our opportunities which will put you in front of CEOs, deputies, program managers, and other health and human service constituents who are making decisions on securing products and services to help them move the human services transformation forward at the state and local level throughout the country. 

Sponsorship Sales Contact

Natasha Laforteza

Sponsorship and Advertising Sales

Phone: 703-549-9500

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